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Welcome to our practice. 

Kia ora, nā runga i te tokoiti o ngā kaimahi i roa ake ai ngā wā tatari. Kia manawanui mai ki ō mātou tīma e ngana ana ki te tautoko i a koe
Talofa lava, ona ua faaitiitia le 'aufaigalueha ua oo ai ina umi se taimi e faatali ai le vaaia o le fomai. E matou te talisapaia lo outou onosai a o taumafai malosi le 'aufaigaluega e fesoasoani atu.
Malo e lelei, Tupu mei he mo'umo'au'ae kau ngaue, 'e loloa ange 'ae tali ke he talatala. 'Oka mau fakamalo atu ki ho'o faka'atu'i 'a 'emau ngaue pea te mau fai 'a homau lelei taha ke amu tokoni'i 'a ho'o faingata'a'ia'.
The Doctors Middlemore are a family friendly, welcoming medical practice that provides General Practice health care as well as Urgent Care services for accidents, injuries and other unexpected illness. Our General Practice provides appointments for our enrolled patients, offering medical services to promote wellness for you and your family.  Our dedicated team of GPs & practice nurses are there to provide support around women's and men's health, child and youth health, long-term conditions (including diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular disease). We have a great team of GPs who provide our patients with quality, patient-centered health care.

Our Urgent Care offers medical treatment for more acute and urgent matters, and is also available to non-enrolled patients. We are endorsed against ACC Standards for Urgent Care centres, and RNZCGP 'Cornerstone' quality approved as a general practice.  Pharmacy, X-ray and physio are also available onsite at our practice.


Afterhours Care 

If we are closed, there is still help. 

East Care Urgent Care - Medical Centre 

Hours: 7am - 11pm 7 Days

Address: 260 Botany Road, Golflands, Auckland 

Ph: 09 2771516


Covid-19 Tests - We are now OPEN to the public for RAT testing 
Please only come in to our Red Zone on the south side of the clinic (nearest the bridge and main road) for a test if you are symptomatic or a household contact.  

If you arrive and our queue is very long - please remember that RAT testing takes longer than the PCR testing we did previously.  

You can also go to your nearest Community Swabbing Centre - check here for swabbing sites nearest you and the wait times for each.   

Managing a Positive Result - Click here for managing a positive result and your symptoms at home. Do Not Call us if you have received a positive Result. Check the link or For COVID-19 health advice or call 0800 358 5453 anytime.

Our consults are phone or video only. Phone 09 275 9977 OR email to book your appointment for urgent medical matters only. (Please note you are required to tell us if you have any Covid-19 symptoms). A Doctor will decide during the phone or video consult if you need to be seen in person and the Doctor will arrange this with you.   

When phoning the clinic - Please do not stay on hold for more than 20 minutes waiting - this overloads our phone system.  Hang up and try again and you will have a better chance of getting through without the system hanging up on you.

We are doing Covid Vaccinations - from 9am to 4pm only for 12 years and older - standard vaccinations & boosters

Covid Vaccinations for children aged 5-11 years - Mondays & Tuesdays in the afternoons only.

Request Covid Vaccine

Complete the online form or phone us on 09 275 9977

Choice of appointments and how to book them

In Person

Enrol With Us

Online Patient Portal

Are you registered for the online portal?

When you’re enrolled with us you can register for this portal, called Manage My Health (MMH). Then, any time you like 24/7 you can:

  • book appointments
  • request repeat scripts
  • view lab test results

Phone reception 09 275 9977 to start your registration

Here’s How to Complete Your Registration  and How to Use The Portal

Our Services

Book an Appointment Online

We are excited to be able to offer you Manage My Health (MMH) an online portal that allows you to:

  • Request repeat scripts 
  • Books appointments with Doctors and Nurses
  • Access test results 

You can download a 2-page instruction guide here showing you how to register and if you click here you will go directly to the portal to register with us.

Immigration Medical NZ

We provide all medical services required for your immigration application such as General Medical Certificate, Limited Medical Certificate, Chest X Ray and any add-on test. 

If you would like to have your Immigration Medical done at The Doctors Middlemore and you know what type of Medical you need already, you MUST provide the following requirements and email it to

Once we received the requested documents, our Immigration Administration Team will contact you to arrange a time for your appointment.

Please note if you need to do a General or Limited Medical Certificate Examination you will required 2x trips to The Doctors Middlemore. Your first appointment will be for your Laboratory tests/X Ray, then we will book you again with one of our Immigration GP for a Consultation and discussing of your results. 

What to bring to your first appointment? 

  • Authentic Passport 
  • Authentic documentation required  if you have changed/or have different information on your passport e.g. name change - married name/spelling of name etc.
* If you have already done your medical examination before and INZ only requested you to do specific/further test, then you DO NOT have to complete the above forms. However, you will need to email us the extra test requirements (or your NZER/eMedical number). 

Covid Testing for Travel Purposes

We are currently doing PCR tests for travel internationally (with RAT testing for travel to Australia)


If you are not registered with us and are not a NZ resident – The price is $350 for the process
If you are not registered with us and ARE a NZ resident – The price is $150 plus $60 (Casual Price) for the doctor’s visit.
If you are registered with us and are a NZ resident (eligible) – price is $150 plus $19.50 for the doctor’s visit.   (note: you cannot register with us before flying out unless you can confirm you will be our patient for a 3 month period)

Please be advised that PCR travel testing is a TWO-STEP PROCESS as follows:

FIRST STEP – Get the Swab.  Come down to the clinic and get one of our nurses to swab you.  You will need to take the Swab to Labtests yourself in Carbine Road.  Book an appointment at this time to meet with our doctor for when the result is back in.

SECOND STEP - Come back to meet with the doctor to have the result signed off.  You will be given the official doctors sign off letter to give to the airline when boarding.

Flu Vaccinations

Book your flu vaccination through the patient portal, using the online form to request an appointment or phoning us on 09 275 9977

Flu Vaccine - Patient Portal

Request Flu Vaccine Booking

Services Available through our PHO for Enrolled Patients

  • Lower patient fees
  • Lower prescription costs 

Urgent Care

The Doctors Middlemore in Massey Road is endorsed having met all the required standards as an Urgent Care medical centre. Whenever you have an accident or injury, we can help. Services  include:

  • Family health care
  • Accident care
  • Minor surgery
  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Immigration medicals
  • Long term health conditions
  • Company ACC
  • Asthma Clinic
  • Unichem Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • X-ray

Weekend Services

Our centre is endorsed by ACC auditors as an accident and medical centre. This means that on weekends and public holidays, emergency and urgent walk-in patients take priority.

If you would like to see your regular GP for non-urgent or non-acute health concerns, please make an appointment during our normal weekday hours.

PLEASE NOTE:  Repeat Prescriptions will not be actioned during the Weekend Urgent Care Clinic.  Please arrange your repeat Prescriptions during the week.

Nurse-Led Health Initiatives

Our skilled nursing team provides a range of fully funded (free for enrolled patients) health and wellness programmes:

  • Asthma checkups, a thorough review of your asthma management and advice on maximising asthma control
  • Cervical smear clinics held three times a week
  • Contraception and sexual health advice
  • Comprehensive health checks (for men & women) including blood pressure, screening blood tests and cardiovascular (heart and stroke health) risk assessment
  • Chronic care nurse clinics covering diabetes, chronic lung disease and heart disease and gout
  • Immunisations for children
  • Smoking cessation advice and support, plus nicotine replacement if required

Drivers License Medicals

The NZ Transport Agency requires all drivers to be medically fit to drive for the safety of everyone on the road. We are happy to complete a medical assessment for you even if you are not enrolled with us. 

A driver's medical certificate is required if you are: 

  • having a medical condition which may affect your ability to drive

  • 75 years or older 

  • applying or renewing a heavy vehicle Class 2-5 license (unless you have provided a certificate in the last five years)

Occupational Health

The Doctors Middlemore offers a menu of occupational health services which includes:

  • Workplace accident & medical service
  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Annual employee medicals
  • Immunisation/flu vaccination
  • Travel vaccination
  • Drug testing
  • Specialist visiting orthopaedic surgeons.

For 16 years we have maintained our reputation for a focus on quality and innovation. This ensures you get what your business needs, when you need it, and we welcome an opportunity to discuss any particular requirements you may have.

Pre-employment medicals
A customised check of specific health factors before you agree to employ a new staff member:

  • Tailored to your business and hazards on site.
  • Recommended for all new employees.

Depending on your business, your workforce may also need the following pre-employment checks:

  • Alcohol and drug-testing (where precision and/or public safety issues are important)
  • Spirometry (lung function) for any work involving fumes, dust, solvents, fine particles or toxic substances
  • Hearing – for work environments with high levels of mechanical or electronic noise
  • Eye-sight – where excellent vision is a requirement or eye-strain may occur.

Annual employee medicals
Follow-up health checks, usually annually, are the best way to be sure your employees’ health is not being affected by their work – helping you keep your valuable staff, and avoid expensive litigation.

The health checks outlined under pre-employment medicals above can also be carried out on an annual basis, signed off by a qualified health professional, so you have the records you need now and in the future.

We can vaccinate your staff against diseases to which they may be susceptible, and/or which could affect your business, such as flu, Hepatitis A and B, and others as needed.

Travel vaccinations
If your staff are required regularly to travel overseas, we have access to up to the minute travel vaccinations and disease advice. Special rates are negotiable for high-use businesses.

Drug testing
On request, we can carry out random testing for alcohol, cannabis, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines, and opiates. Please note – this must be included in your employment agreements before we can carry out such testing.

Best Practice Physiotherapy work from our medical centre and provide a wide range of assessment, treatment, and education for injuries. Their services also includes:

  • work place assessments
  • manual handling education
  • work pacing
  • rehabilitation plans
  • injury progress reporting.

Best Practice prides themselves on their ability to provide service to a multicultural population with cultural sensitivity.  

All their physiotherapists are involved in education, injury prevention in-services as well as hands on treatment. They provide rehabilitation to patients who have had time off work and require work hardening to return to productive duties.  Acupuncture is offered as part of their treatment and it has been  found very beneficial when combined with other treatment modalities.

Max Radiology

General Xray only No Ultrasound

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 0800am -1800pm 

Weekends & Public Holidays 1000am - 1630pm


ACC Surcharge

A referral form is required on arrival at front reception

Inpatient Xray ACC Surcharge $15.00

Outpatient Xray ACC Surcharge $25.00


Immigration X-ray $150.00


General X-ray 

See us for all your general x-ray including those for insurance and employment purposes (no appointment needed)


Laboratory - Test Results

Sometimes your doctor needs to take a sample of blood or urine either to discover what is wrong with you or to measure something in your blood so that the right medication is given to you. These tests could be anything from blood sugar to a full blood count or a sample of tissue to test for cancer.

While urine can generally be tested in the surgery, blood and other specimens are usually sent away for testing at a laboratory. Most results come back within 48 hours unless a very rare test is needed which has to go to a specialist lab further away when it might take a little longer.

In most instances, normal results are not reported back to you unless you have been told otherwise by your doctor. You can ring the practice nurse for results, but please allow at least 48 hours after completion of the laboratory tests before doing so.

IMPORTANT: If your results are normal, you will not be contacted- however we will phone you or send you a letter if your results come back abnormal. Lab results are now accessible via our patient portal. 

Urgent Care Hours

Urgent Care: Open 7 Days 8am - 8pm (including weekends and Public Holidays)  

Standard GP Services Hours

Standard GP Services: Monday to Friday 8am - 5:30pm
Remember your first visit is FREE when you enrol with us and ACC consultations are FREE for patients under 18 years old.

 If you have a medical emergency, call 111

Patient Fees

Enrolled Patient Fees

 Age GP Consultation
8am - 5pm*
Urgent Care
Urgent Care
After Hours
14-17 $13.00 $13.00 $13.00
18+ $19.50 $25.00 $37.00

Follow up appointments within 24 hours for the same condition will not incur an additional patient fee of $19.50.


Read our Standard Payment Terms and Conditions here.

Casual Patient Fees

Age GP Consultation
Urgent Care
Urgent Care
After Hours*
6-17 $35.00 $35.00 $47.00
18+ $65.00 $65.00 $77.00

*GP Consultation charges apply Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm. 
*After hours: Mon-Fri 6-8pm, all day Sat-Sun and public holidays.
*Non-residents must provide a passport as identification upon arrival
*Casuals wishing to enrol pay a discounted charge for the first visit, subsequent visits are charged at enrolled patient rate

Read our Standard Payment Terms and Conditions here.

ACC Patient One-off Surcharge Fee

The Patient surcharge fee is a one-off fee which is payable on the first appointment.  All subsequent visits for the injury once registered with ACC will be at no charge to the patient.

Age Enrolled Registered Patients
8am-5pm & After Hours 5pm-8pm*
Casual Patients
Casual Patients
After Hours 5pm-8pm
14-17 $13.00 $13.00 $25.00
18+ $18.00 $18.00 $30.00


Read our Standard Payment Terms and Conditions here.

Immigration Medicals

Age Fee
Children - 10yrs and under $140.00
Youth - 11-14yrs $235.00
Full medical 15-64yrs $480.00
Limited medical 15-64yrs $250.00
Full medical 65+yrs $530.00
Limited medical 65+yrs 

Read our Standard Payment Terms and Conditions here.


Covid Testing for Travel Purposes

Fees for Covid Tests for Travel Purposes are as follows:

  • If you are registered with us and are a NZ resident (eligible) – price is $150 plus $19.50 for the doctor’s visit.  (same as below if you are visiting China).
  • If you are not registered with us and are a NZ resident (eligible) price is $150 plus $60 for the doctor's visit.  (same as below if you are visiting China).
  • If you are not registered with us and are not a NZ resident – price is $350  (if you are visiting China there is an extra $92 for specific blood test added on to this also)

Insurance Medicals

Age                                                        Fee
10 years and under FREE
11 - 17 years $120.00
18+ years  $150.00

Read our Standard Payment Terms and Conditions here.


Drivers Licence Medicals

Age                                                 Fee
16+ years $60.00

Read our Standard Payment Terms and Conditions here.


Standard Payment Terms and Conditions

The Cost of Health Care in New Zealand

Healthcare in New Zealand is a mixture of free services and subsidised services (where patients pay a fee to cover some of the costs). We will always try to ensure all our patients benefit from any funded services that they are eligible for.

Providing health care services and running a medical centre comes at a cost, including wages, building costs and medical supplies. Some services and fees, while subsidised, are in place to cover these costs.

Free and subsidised care is only available to New Zealand residents, with exceptions in some cases for visitors from countries like the UK and Australia as these countries have reciprocal agreements with New Zealand.

Ask our reception team if you think you may be entitled to a funded service for your visit.

Useful Information About Fees at The Doctors

General Practice Services

  • Payment is due at time of consultation. Non-payment on the day will incur a $10 late-payment fee.
  • All casual and non-enrolled patients are required to pay in full prior to their appointment.
  • All fees are based on a single appointment, extended consultations may incur additional charges. Fees may vary due to the time taken and materials used.
  • Medical consumables will be charged separately.
  • Weekends, afterhours and public holidays will incur additional fees
  • Accounts that are unpaid may be sent to Debt Collection. The debtor (patient) is responsible for all debt collection fees.
  • Newly enrolled patients may require a double appointment for their first visit. A double appointment fee will apply.
  • Four hours cancellation notice for a booked appointment is required. Non-attendance will incur a normal consultation fee.
  • Our practice nurses are skilled professionals and there is a fee when you see them for advice or services.
  • If you have a Community Services Card, you may be eligible for a reduced consultation or prescription fee.

Urgent Care Services

  • Payment is required prior to your consultation. Fees may vary due to the time taken and materials used.
  • Medical consumables will be charged separately.
  • Weekends, afterhours and public holidays will incur additional fees.
  • Accounts that are unpaid may be sent to Debt Collection. The debtor (patient) is responsible for all debt collection fees.

Pay Online

Good news, paying online is easy. 

You can pay securely using a credit or debit card or internet banking (Account2Account payments) - just click below to make a payment.  Payment is due on the day of your appointment. In addition to paying online you can pay in person at the centre with eftpos or a debit/credit card. 

Make a Payment

(Please be advised that we don't recommend paying in cash as we no longer hold change to return.  Cash payments must be in the exact amount or you must be willing to leave any balance on your file for use at a later appointment.  We do not give cash refunds.)

Our Team

Mandeeps Manage  
  • Dr Indira Wickramasinghe

    Dr Indira Wickramasinghe

    Doctor Indira is originally from Sri Lanka and arrived in NZ in 2008. After completing all the required transition NZ medical examinations, Indira worked as a House Officer at Auckland Hospital, North Shore and Middlemore Hospital in different specialists before joining a GP training program.

    She worked as a junior doctor and as House Officer at The Doctors Middlemore and now is in the team as a permanent GP. 

    Indira loves spending time with her two young daughters and husband when not at work and her hobbies are reading a good novel, baking, gardening and travelling with her family. 

  • Dr Shomel Gauznabi

    Dr Shomel Gauznabi

    Doctor Shomel Gauznabi is a GP and Urgent Care Doctor and has a background in Adult General Medicine, Palliative Medicine and Paediatric Medicine. 

    He is an NZ medical graduate who completed his junior doctor years as a House Officer and Registrar in Auckland. He occasionally works in Hawkes Bay, Bay of Plenty and Australia. He is also skilled in minor skin procedures and joint and intralesional steriod injections.

    Shomel has an active involvement in medical education at The University of Auckland. In his free time, he loves to spend time with family, play and watch sports, snowboard and cook. Overall he is passionate about community care and looking after local families and patients.

  • Dr Emily Cole

    Dr Emily Cole


  • Dr Tom Bye

    Dr Tom Bye


    Originally from Auckland, Dr Tom Bye left for medical training in the South Island graduating from the University of Otago Medical School. Following graduation he returned to Auckland and Northland to work as a Doctor, joining The Doctors Mangere in 2015 as a training registrar for 6 months, and then returned here full time in 2017.

    Tom is an advanced trainee in both the Colleges of Urgent Care and General Practice. His areas of special interest are Paediatrics, Youth Health, ENT and Plastics. Tom previously worked as a Registrar in ENT (ear, nose, throat) at Auckland and Middlemore Hospitals, Plastics/Burns at Middlemore, ED (emergency department) in Whangarei, ICU (intensive care unit) at Northshore and Auckland. Tom also worked as a House Officer at Middlemore and Starship.

  • Dr Mazher Iqbal

    Dr Mazher Iqbal


    Dr Mazher arrived in New Zealand in 2012 from the UK. He worked a few years as a GP in Palmerston North. He joined The Doctors Middlemore in 2014 and since then has been working as a full time GP with us. During his time in Auckland, he gained fellowship in General Practice. As Mazher has some family ties in the UK, he regularly visits there and recently he went back to gain some more experience from the UK's General Practice. He enjoys working at The Doctors Middlemore and his special interests include managing chronic conditions like diabetes, COPD and minor surgery. He's also very keen to do joint injections like shoulder, hip, knee and carpal tunnel etc. He has 3 kids who study in Auckland and want to pursue their higher education in New Zealand and so he is planning to stay in New Zealand for a long time.

  • Dr Allan Tee

    Dr Allan Tee

    MBChB (Otago), Dip O&G, Dip Paeds, FRNZCGP, FRNZCUC - GP/Urgent Care Physician

    After graduating from Otago Medical School in 1997, Allan spent the first 3 years working in various hospitals. In 2001, he gained post-graduate qualification in both Pediatrics and Obstetric & Gynecology. He completed his Fellowship training for the Royal NZ college of GPs in 2004. In 2017, Allan gained his Fellowship in Royal NZ college of Urgent Care. Allan has been part of The Doctors Group for over a decade. He is the GP Lead at the The Doctors Ti Rakau and a Director/Partner of The Doctors Middlemore.  He is part of the Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) providing governance and clinical oversight for the Green Cross Health Medical network. 

    Allan enjoys all aspects of family medicine and has a special interest in minor surgery and treatment of accident and sports injuries. Outside of work, Allan is a busy father of two boys and enjoys the outdoors and sports, especially basketball and golf. Allan speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese.



  • Dr Murray Winiata

    Dr Murray Winiata


    Murray has previously worked at The Doctors Mangere as a Senior House Officer on a General Practice placement from the hospital.

    He has completed a Masters in Medicine as well as holding post graduate qualifications in child health and has broad hospital experience in orthopaedics, general medicine, paediatrics, emergency medicine and psychiatry.

    Murray also has experience working in the adult mental health NGO sector.
    In his spare time Murray is an obsessive home barista, occasional guitarist and technology hobbyist. In the technology world he is likely better known as “NZtechfreak”.
  • Dr Huta Tangaroa

    Dr Huta Tangaroa

    MB ChB Dip Obs FAMPA - GP

    Huta joined the Mangere team in 2006 and has rapidly become an extremely popular and well respected member of the doctor team.

    Huta is originally from the Cook Islands, but has spent many years in general practice in New Zealand; Bay of Islands, West Auckland and more recently South Auckland.

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Your Feedback

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  • We welcome your feedback and always strive to provide the best care and advice.  Let us know how we did. If things didn't go the way you wanted there may be something we can do to help put it right.

    1.  Online form direct to your medical centre

    2.  Or email our Clinical Advisory Team

    • If your feedback is of a sensitive nature or involves medical centre management*, please contact Green Cross Health directly by emailing directly. You will receive an acknowledgement within 5 working days. 
    • *Please note, once we have contacted you, we will ask for your permission to share information with centre management to resolve your complaint and improve our services.

    3.  Or for more information and other ways to give feedback, you can also contact:

General Enquiry (Please do not send clinical queries via this form. You will need to book an appointment via the online portal or phone reception to book)