Certified COVID-19 Tests for Travel Pre-Departure & Employment

Certified proof of a negative COVID-19 test result

Individuals may request certified proof of a negative supervised COVID-19 test for any purpose, most commonly prior to international travel.

1. Requesting a certified proof of a negative COVID-19 test result for international travel

Please check the requirements of the country you are travelling to by contacting their local high commission, embassy or consulate in New Zealand and tell us these requirements when making your appointment.
Country specific requirements will include:

  • Type of test required - this is usually a PCR test or a RAT (Rapid Antigen Test - also known as antigen test or lateral flow device test)
  • Timeframe test is required - this is usually within 72 hours for a PCR test and within 24 hours for a RAT

2. Requesting a certified proof of a negative COVID-19 test result for any other purpose

Please check the requirements of the requestor and specify these requirements when you make the booking. Specifications generally include:

  • Type of test required (PCR test or Rapid Antigen Test)
  • Timeframe required

Where to get a certified test

You can request a certified COVID-19 test at one of the participating medical centres listed below.

Important to note before your test appointment

  1. Know your specific testing requirements - for international travellers this will include airline requirements and your destination country's requirements (including any stop overs). We will support you to ensure all requirements are met, however it is your responsibility to know and communicate your specific testing requirements
  2. Book well in advance - to ensure your testing requirements can be met
  3. Bring your passport to the appointment - this is required to verify your identity and for your Certified Proof of COVID-19 Test Result Paperwork - driver's licence or other forms of ID are not accepted

Participating practices


Certified Testing Fees

There is a cost for this service and this will vary between medical centres - please contact the practice directly to enquire about pricing and to book your travel test appointment.

What if I get a positive result?

If your RAT result is positive, you will not be issued a Certified Proof of COVID-19 Test Result. Instead you will be required to follow current isolation rules. Your travel will need to be postponed until the required isolation and wait period is over. You will need to also record your positive result to your My COVID Record or call 0800 222 478 and press 3 to report. 
If your PCR test result is positive this may be a result of a previous infection. In these cases we suggest a consult with the doctor as a Medical Clearance Certificate may be appropriate.

Most people with COVID-19 will experience mild or medium symptoms and be able to successfully manage their illness themselves.



Download and fill out this patient consent form. Bring it to your appointment with your Passport.

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