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Welcome to our practice

At The Doctors Fred Thomas we work with you to help make your future healthy. When health issues or accidents happen, we’re there to provide the care, advice and support you need. As your family doctor we’ve designed our modern, well-equipped medical centre with you in mind, centrally located on the North Shore. 

To limit the number of people in our waiting room we encourage you not to bring a support person into the building unless under exceptional circumstances, and if required should be limited to one person only. If you have any concerns, please let our team know when making your appointment.

Our enrolment capacity is currently limited

Please phone or email reception to discuss availability. In the meantime we welcome you to join our waitlist. Thanks for your understanding.

Get your flu vaccine with us - if you're enrolled with us booking a flu vaccine is easy and best done through the patient portal – book now! Or if you are not enrolled, you can request an appointment using our online form:

Request flu vaccine here

For more info read more here

Click here for more info on:

Covid-19 Tests & Results, Managing a Positive Result,
Covid-19 Vaccinations and Consults

Covid-19 Tests & Results
If you have Covid-19 symptoms or are a household contact of a positive case please visit the NRHCC website to find your closest testing station as we have limited capacity currently. Most testing is now done via Rapid Antigen Testing (RATs) with results available within 30mins. You will need to self-report your result via My COVID Record or by calling 0800 222 478 and pressing option 3. The majority of positive cases will be able to self-manage and required to follow current isolation rules. If you have concerns or if your symptoms are worsening, call us on 09 972 9020 or 111 in an emergency.

Managing a Positive Result
Click here for managing a positive result and your symptoms at home.

Covid-19 Vaccinations
Book directly through BookMyVaccine - use our clinic code JZ1M8NDWIS or phone us on 09 972 9020 for 5-11 year olds, standard vaccines and boosters.
If you require a third primary dose (different to the booster) please call us to discuss with the clinical team.

Many consults are virtual (phone or video), with some in person. Phone 09 972 9020 to book and tell us if you have any Covid-19 symptoms. We will explain what to do when coming into the practice. Please wear a mask at all times.

Choice of appointments and how to book them

In Person

Enrol With Us

Our enrolment capacity is currently limited

Please phone or email reception to discuss availability. In the meantime we welcome you to join our waitlist. Thanks for your understanding.

When you enrol with us, some of the benefits include:

  • Reminders and recalls for important health management
  • Pay less to see the doctor than non-enrolled patients
  • Access to our online patient portal to book appointment, order repeat prescriptions and to view lab test results
  • There is more information here about why it’s great to be enrolled

Enrol Online

There’s no need to come into the clinic, you can enrol online - it’s secure and confidential. The online form will guide you and you will need to upload suitable identification:  

Enrol Here Online

After the enrolment form please complete an online medical questionnaire before your first visit:

Adult Medical Form   Child (>16) Medical Form

Paper Enrolment

Paper enrolment forms are still available if you're not able to complete the online form. For each person enrolling, simply print and complete:  the Enrolment Form, an Adult or Child Medical Questionnaire and email all files to [email protected] including a copy of your suitable identification

Not enrolled but need an appointment? 

You can still get an appointment even if you are not enrolled with us e.g. if you’re a visitor to the region. Just phone our friendly team for a casual appointment.  Extra charges apply for casual appointments when you are not enrolled.

If you are not enrolled please complete the Casual Registration Form please and send it along with your Passport to [email protected]


Online Patient Portal

Are you registered for the online portal?

When you’re enrolled with us you can register for this portal, called Manage My Health (MMH). Then, any time you like 24/7 you can:

  • book appointments
  • request repeat scripts
  • view lab test results

Phone reception 09 972 9020 to start your registration

Here’s How to Complete Your Registration  and How to Use The Portal

Our Services

Our Services

  • General Health and Wellness
  • Minor Surgery
  • Immunisations
  • Womens Health
  • Chronic Disease Management

Flu Vaccinations

Book your flu vaccination through the patient portal, using the online form to request an appointment or phoning us on 09 972 9020

Flu Vaccine - Patient Portal

Request Flu Vaccine Booking

Women's Health

Health Checks

Contraceptive advice

Our doctors and nurses are able to discuss and cater for most of your contraceptive needs:

  • Oral contraceptives
  • Depo Provera injections
  • IUCD (intra uterine contraceptive device) - this includes Copper, Mirena and Jaydess
  • Emergency contraception

Family Planning

Your GP can advise you on all aspects of family planning.

Cervical Screening aged 20-69yrs

You have the choice for a nurse or GP to do this for you at a time that suits you. This can include sexual health screening.

Breast Screening from age 40yrs - funded mammograms age 45-69yrs

Best practice recommends you get your breasts checked with your GP prior to your mammogram.

Early pregnancy

Consult your GP for early pregnancy care under 12 weeks gestation. Also see our services through Circle Maternity.


Discuss with your GP how to manage your menopause.

Men's Health

Youth Health

  • Healthy lifestyle choices'
  • Exam stress
  • Vaccinations

Dont Assume You're Immune. If your teen is about to leave school, now is a good time to check they are up to date with their immunisations before they move onto work, further education or travel. Visit the website for more information.

HPV vaccination:

From the 1st of January 2017, HPV (Human Papillomavirus Vaccine) immunisation will be funded for everyone aged 9 – 26 (inclusive) including boys and young men. The HPV vaccination is a course of 3 injections and is free if the 1st injection is prior to the 27th birthday. The HPV vaccine will be offered to boys and girls as part of the school based programme in Year 8 around the age of 12. HPV immunisation will be available and free through general practices from 9 years of age through to age 26. 

The Doctors at Fred Thomas health are committed to this program and will be contacting eligible patients over the next 12months. HPV viruses are common and cause skin and mucous membrane infection. 4 out of 5 people are infected with HPV during their lifetime usually within the first 2 years of commencing sexual activity. HPV viruses can lead to diseases such as genital warts and HPV related cancers such as cervical, vulval and vaginal cancer, penile cancer and cancers of the tongue and oropharynx.

If you would like further information or would like to start the course of vaccinations please contact the Nurses on 09-972 9020.

Long Term Condition Care and Support

  • Diabetics management and checks
  • Insulin starts
  • All respiratory conditions and COPD
  • All heart failure care
  • Care Plus - a lifestyle plan that includes 4 regular follow-ups


  • Driver’s licence medicals
  • Insurance medicals
  • Pre-employment medicals

Minor Surgery

Many conditions do not need to be referred to a specialist or hospital. The Doctors Fred Thomas GPs offer fast and competent removal and biopsies of skin lesions, lumps and bumps. Other services include removal of benign moles and skin tags and ingrown toenail surgery. If your insurance company is Southern Cross then we use the "Easy-Claim" process and the insurance company is directly billed.

Respiratory Health

  • Asthma and COPD care
  • Spirometry

Sexual Health and STIs

Confidential consultations

Travel Health Services - Vaccines and Documents

The Doctors Fred Thomas has staff trained in all aspects of travel health services. Contact us 4-6 weeks before setting off, click here for our Travel Health Questionnaire.

What do our Travel Health Services include?

  • Specific travel advice tailored to the travellers needs to plan for a healthy and safe trip
  • General travel advice on such issues as deep vein thrombosis, jet lag, traveller’s diarrhoea, altitude sickness
  • Advice on accident and injury prevention
  • Advice on women’s health issues such as pregnancy and flying and HIV considerations
  • Advice on specific diseases and illnesses relating to the traveller’s destination, including malaria, rabies, hepatitis and more
  • Pre-travel vaccinations - get the right vaccines, medications and advice for the right countries
  • Manage complicated medical issues, families, school groups or business travel
  • Post-travel health needs or illnesses
  • Travel consultations are a non-funded service for both adults and children

Please contact our medical centre directly for Travel Health services pricing.

Ear Suctioning - at Hauraki Corner

Modern ear wax removal is easier than the ear syringing of old, it is safer and considered more comfortable.

Three days before ear suction you will need to apply either waxsol or olive oil - or Na HCO3 ear drops (available on prescription) to both ears three times a day to soften wax.

The cost is $65.00. Please contact us on 09 972 9020 or [email protected] to book an appointment.


1. What is ear wax removal by microsuction?

Ear wax removal by microsuction involves an Ear Nurse using a light and microscope to view inside the ear canal. Upon viewing, a thin suction tube is used to vacuum up ear wax or debris. Other instruments may be also be used to expertly pluck wax or debris from your ear.

2. What will happen during my appointment?

The aim of wax removal by microsuction is to safely and gently clear the ear canal of ear wax (cerumen) and other debris.
Your appointment will take approximately 15-30 minutes. Your Ear Nurse will explain the procedure. Please ask questions if you have any.
You asked to recline or lie flat and to remain very still. The nurse will look into your ear canal using a microscope. 
The nurse will direct vision and light using a small cone placed in your ear.
A small metal tube attached to a suction unit will be carefully placed in your ear canal.
The suction will make a windy noise.
Wax and debris will be gently and carefully removed.
Your nurse might use forceps, probes and other equipment if necessary.

3. What is the experience like?

People describe the experience as tickling with windy, squeaky, popping sounds. If your ear canal is sensitive or inflamed due to infection , it may at times be a little uncomfortable. You may feel dizzy momentarily if cold air comes into contact with your eardrum during suction. A light touch of your ear canal during the procedure might cause you to feel like coughing.
If you feel uncomfortable at any time during the microsuction procedure, please let the nurse know so he or she can ensure everything is okay.

4. How often should you have it done?

Every individual produces varying amounts and types of ear wax. Therefore the Ear Nurse will ask you some questions, and advise how often you should have your ear wax removed.

Standard Hours

Monday to Friday: 8am - 5pm
Closed weekends and public holidays

After Hours

For after hours care please visit for more information. ShoreCare 24/7 Urgent Care Clinic at Smales Farm. 

If you have a medical emergency, call 111

Patient Fees

Standard GP Consultation - Enrolled Patients

Age Standard CSC
0  - 13 years FREE FREE
14 - 17 years $45.00 $13.00
18 - 24 years $60.00 $19.50
25+ years $70.00 $19.50

Additional fees apply for procedures, materials and nurse consults

Casual Patients - $105
Non Residents - $133

Payment is due at the time of consultation. 
CSC = Community Services Card holder

Prices effective from 1 July 2022

ACC Consultation - Enrolled Patients

Age Standard CSC
0  - 13 years FREE FREE
14 - 17 years $45.00 $13.00
18 - 24 years $55.00 $19.50
25+ years $60.00 $19.50

Additional fees apply for procedures, materials and nurse consults

Casual Patients - $105
Non Residents - $133

Payment is due at the time of consultation. 
CSC = Community Services Card holder

Prices effective from 1 July 2022

Pay Online

Good news, paying online is easy. 

You can pay securely using a credit or debit card or internet banking (Account2Account payments) - just click below to make a payment.  Payment is due on the day of your appointment. From 20 June 2021 we will no longer be accepting cheques. In addition to paying online you can pay in person at the centre with cash, eftpos and credit card.

Make a Payment

Our Team

Mandeeps Manage  
  • Dr John Mayhew

    Dr John Mayhew

    John Mayhew is an experienced GP with over 30 years in general practice. Has has post graduate qualifications in Sports Medicine, Obstetrics and Occupational Medicine and was a team doctor for the All Blacks for 15 years and NZ Warriors for 14 years. In 2016 he received ONZM for his services to Sports Medicine. He is currently CMO of AIA Insurance and medical director for NZ Rugby League and North Harbour Rugby. He is also the director of the NZ Rugby Foundation caring for disabled players. John is a former board member of Drugfree Sport NZ. He is married with 4 adult children - 3 sons are professional rugby players. He went to Rosmini College and Auckland University.

    Dr Mayhew is currently only working 8 hours a week in our clinic.

  • Dr Stella Goulart

    Dr Stella Goulart

    Dr Stella Goulart graduated in Brazil in 2004 where she worked for several years with Emergency Medicine. 

    She migrated to NZ in 2011 and has worked at Auckland City Hospital for a few years before completing her training in General Practice. 

    She is a Fellow of the RNZCGP and has Post-Graduate Diplomas in Skin Cancer and Travel Medicine.

    She has worked in Devonport for the past 5 years and has now joined us at Fred Thomas, where she looks forward to caring for the local patients as well as for the extensive Brazilian community in Auckland. 

  • Dr Erica Lauder

    Dr Erica Lauder

    Erica has been a General Practitioner for over 30 years spending most of her career in Devonport . She is pleased to join The Doctors Fred Thomas team in April 2021.

    Erica is a caring, competent doctor with wide experience in all aspects of GP care. Her special interests are Minor  Surgery such as removal of skin lesions,  and Women’s Health, including IUCD insertion. She is committed to Preventive Medicine.

    Erica also enjoys working as a Lead Maternity Carer and delivering babies.

    Outside of work she is busy with her husband and family of 4 adult children. Making patchwork quilts gives her life balance.

    Erica has Tuesdays off.

  • Dr Lily Liu

    Dr Lily Liu

    MMSc MD

    Dr Liu trained in China from 1985 - 1993. Dr Liu arrived in New Zealand in 1997 and is a fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners. Her speciality is caring for patients with chronic diseases/elderly health, as well as women's and child health.
    Dr Liu speaks fluent Mandarin and English. In her spare time she can be found gardening.

  • Dr Shelley Lichter

    Dr Shelley Lichter

    With Family Doctors @ Smales now closed permanently we want you to know that if you were enrolled with Shelley @ Smales you'll still be able to visit her here at The Doctors Fred Thomas. Our medical centre is friendly and modern with plenty of free car parking and wheel chair access. We look forward to welcoming you to The Doctors Fred Thomas


  • Dr Jonathan Coleman

    Dr Jonathan Coleman

    Jonathan is accepting new patients


    Dr Jonathan Coleman knows the North Shore community well, and has an interest in all aspects of family medicine. He completed his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at The University of Auckland and also has a Diploma of Obstetrics.

  • Dr Miriam Jobson

    Dr Miriam Jobson

    MBChB (Otago), Dip Paed (Auckland), FRNZGP 2020

    Miriam is currently on maternity leave. We look forward to welcoming her back in 2022.

    Miriam is now a Fellow of the College of GPs, and has been with us full time since August 2018 having completed her first session of GP training with us. She enjoys all aspects of general practice, but has a particular interest in women’s and children’s health. She completed her Diploma in Paediatrics (Auckland) in 2015.

    Outside of work Miriam can be found playing or watching netball, at the gym, having coffee with friends, or curled up with a book.




  • Dr Upeksha Settinayake

    Dr Upeksha Settinayake

    MB ChB (Auckland), PG Cert Women

    Dr Upeksha Settinayake has special interests in family medicine, women's health, geriatrics and palliative care. She has also previously worked as a high school doctor and enjoys working with young people.  She obtained Fellowship of the Royal NZ College of GPs in 2016.  In her spare time she enjoys creative writing and travel.

  • Dr Veronica Lamplough

    Dr Veronica Lamplough

    MB ChB (Auckland), Dip Obst (Auckland), FRNZCGP

    Dr Veronica Lamplough is vocationally trained as a Fellow of the Royal NZ College of GPs. Her expertise is in all aspects of Family Medicine: women's health, paediatrics, care of the elderly and minor surgery.  In addition to her role as a GP, Veronica serves on Professional Conduct Committees convened by the Medical Council of NZ, and she is an educator and examiner for the Royal NZ College of General Practitioners. In her spare time Veronica is a keen gardener and enjoys Pilates and paddle boarding.

    Phone 972 9020 for an appointment.
    Currently not taking new patients.

  • Dr Rowan Waters

    Dr Rowan Waters

    MB ChB (Auckland), Dip Obst (Auckland), FRNZCGP Family Medicine, Geriatrics

    Rowan is passionate about all aspects of family medicine with a special interest in care of the elderly, women’s health and mental health. Rowan has practised on the Shore for over 30 years and she is a vocationally trained Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Rowan is a sailor, gardener and busy grandmother. Rowan is based solely at Fred Thomas and is unable to take on new patients at this stage.

    Currently not taking new patients.

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Respiratory Infections

Click here for information regarding symptoms, treatment and when to seek help for respiratory infections

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    1.  Online form direct to your medical centre

    2.  Or email our Clinical Advisory Team

    • If your feedback is of a sensitive nature or involves medical centre management*, please contact Green Cross Health directly by emailing [email protected] directly. You will receive an acknowledgement within 5 working days. 
    • *Please note, once we have contacted you, we will ask for your permission to share information with centre management to resolve your complaint and improve our services.

    3.  Or for more information and other ways to give feedback, you can also contact:

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