Managing a Positive Covid-19 Result

What to expect if you receive a positive COVID-19 test result

You’ve tested positive for COVID-19, now what?

Result Notification

  • You will receive a phone call from either your GP, testing centre or the local public health unit if your Covid-19 test result comes back positive.

Isolation and Support Decisions

  • If you are not notified by your GP or testing centre, you will also receive a call from someone at your local public health unit who will discuss further details and options for isolation and support for your everyday needs.
  • Please answer your phone if you can. If you miss the original phone call(s), you may receive a text message asking you to contact the local public health team to discuss your result.
  • Now that there is a higher rate of vaccination in Aotearoa New Zealand, most people who are COVID-19 positive will have mild symptoms which can easily be managed at home. 95% people who are COVID-19 positive won't need to go hospital.

Questions or Concerns?

  • If you do not hear from your local public health unit within 24 hours of receiving your positive result, please call the COVID-19 Healthline on 0800 358 5443 (24 hours, 7 days per week).

I’ve been advised to stay home because I have tested positive for COVID-19 or someone in my household has. What support is available to me?

How to quarantine at home

  • See How to Quarantine at Home for details on how to quarantine at home, including information on isolating, cleaning, financial support, etc...

Health Needs

  • You will be assigned a healthcare team. It is important to monitor your symptoms and talk with your healthcare team or your GP if you have any concerns.

Other Needs/ Questions or Concerns?

  • If you have questions or concerns related to your isolation and COVID-19 care, please contact the CIQ Advice Line on 0800 OUR MIQ (0800 687 647).
  • For all non-COVID-19 related care please continue to contact your GP via phone, portal or email.

When and where to seek help:

Call 111 if you:

  • Have severe trouble breathing or severe chest pain
  • Are confused or not thinking clearly
  • Feel faint or pass out (lose consciousness)

Call your healthcare team (or GP if you don't know how to reach your healthcare team) if:

  • You have new or worse trouble breathing
  • Your symptoms are getting worse
  • You start getting better and then get worse
  • You have symptoms of severe dehydration such as:
  • Having a very dry mouth
  • Passing only a little urine (pee)
  • Feeling very light-headed

You may experience very mild or no symptoms

  • It is important to stay hydrated- drink plenty of water
  • Keep monitoring your symptoms so you notice any changes
  • It is important to avoid running, strenuous exercise and high impact activities


Helpful Resources for You and Your Whanau:

Useful Phone Numbers (NZ wide, 24 hours, 7 days per week):

  • COVID-19 Healthline on 0800 358 5453
  • Community Isolation and Quarantine Advice Line 0800 OUR MIQ (0800 687 647)